Monday, June 29, 2009

Super Saturday

First things first. Since you waited so patiently......
Project #2 Can Cozy
I was still working on these when the kids got here on Saturday. Just did get them finished in time. The idea for these came because we waste a lot of soda at family gatherings, there are so many of us it's hard to keep track of your soda if you put it down. Solution: I put a muslin square on the front of these can cozies and took some washable markers for personalization. We had cute, cooling , easy-to-find-your-own-drink cozies. You may notice I ended up changing the fabric I used for these. I made a prototype on Friday and they just needed the bright colors. I got 15 of them made before we left.

It was a long, HOT day at the mountain, but boy was it fun! This is the lawn, at the foot of the mountain, where we set up our blankets. We weren't there long before we were all glad for the coloring fans. The kids never stopped long enough to color them but the adults sure did use them.
After getting set up on the lawn we rode the train. It is a nice ride around the mountain and a welcome break from the searing sun lol. I always remember my childhood trips there when I ride the train. They used to do a show on the train ride where robbers would jump on board, it always thrilled and scared me as a child. No more robbers but still a nice ride.

After the train it was time for a blanket break. The little ones had some cousin time over juice and cookies. Too cute for words! This is what it is all about for me, that and the joy I get seeing our kids be aunts & uncles to each others babies.
By now we had some climbing the rock wall, half a dozen went to the 4-D movie, another group hiked to the top of the mountain and back....including two dads with little ones (Daniel & Brodie, Jeremy & Lauryn)....oh to be that young again. Everyone gathered back on the blanket to wait for the laser & fireworks show. Brodie practiced his light saber technique while he waited. He doesn't look tired at all, does he?

The laser & firework show was a perfect finale to a great day!

And a good time was had by all!

...............Or so they told me.......Thanks Kids!
Can't wait for next year.


  1. Cute cozies, but way cuter grandbabies! We enjoyed our time working at Stone Mountain, but never got over to the laser show. We did take our granddaughter, Sarah, to the 4-D show and some other things when she came to stay with us at Christmas time. What fun!

  2. I love the picture of Lauryn Kyleigh and Alex. Alex's little lip is poked out soooo far! he looks so sad!!!