Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter and Pictures......not a fan

It has been a long time since I have posted anything to my blog. I have recently been giving some thought to why I went astray. I really think it boils down to two things…okay maybe three, but two main things. I am really not a fan of winter or pictures!

I should clarify; I love pictures, as long as I am not involved. I don’t like taking pictures or having my picture taken. I am sure I could spend hours on a couch “getting to the bottom of this” but why waste so much time and money……it all boils down to my Dad. Wait…what?!? Clarify again. I had a Great Dad, I loved him dearly, and his “girls” were his pride and joy but…..from as early as I can remember I had the sun and a camera in my face.

My Dad was an amateur photographer my entire life. It was one of his many hobbies. Most of our homes (we traveled quite a bit when I was growing up) had a darkroom. If there was not a dedicated room to develop his pictures in the bathroom would double as a darkroom nights and weekends. He took pictures of anything and everything but especially his three girls. I got to where I hated cameras because it felt like it was always interrupting.

“Wait, let me get a picture”

“Stand closer to your sister”

“After we get this shot, the light is almost gone”


So….I hate pictures that involve me! And we all know a blog really needs pictures.

“Okay, accepting the crazy “I don’t like pictures” thing, kind of, but what does winter have to do with blogging?” you ask. I have a hard time in the winter. I hate to be cold!!!! I am certain that I was a bear in another life and spent the winter hibernating lol. I am sluggish and lose my crafty mojo when winter sets in every year. It has been almost exactly two years since I have posted anything, my last post was February 5, 2010……winter anyone???? Now you are not allowed to laugh at me when I tell you that the winters that do me in are balmy Georgia winters. I can’t help it if 60 degrees is cold to me! I would never leave my covers if I lived any farther north lol.

So in summation, it was a combination of pictures and winter that led me astray. The third thing, that was actually secondary……habit! I am a creature of habit and once I got out of the habit I couldn’t get back in……it was winter. Did I mention I hate winter?!?

So, I am giving it another go, in the middle of winter, no less. I have 7 grand babies now and have made a few things in the past two years that I would love to share with you,....if I can find any pictures lol.

Hoping to “see” you soon,


From CreativeGenes