Thursday, June 25, 2009

Diving In

I have had the hardest time with this "first post". It is actually what has kept me from starting this blog for almost a year. How to start...what to say...about what? To??? if to strangers??????? Introductions and explainations......?
I have finally decided to just dive in.
Ready? ....... here we go!

Matthew (Unkey Monkey to his nieces & nephews) taken by O'Maw
August 4, 1999.

Okay, that wasn't so bad. Lets just pick up starting with today and if we don't already know each other we soon will, I hope.

This week I have been trying to get ready for a family outing to Stone Mountain Park. It is something we did almost every year with all the kids (seven, for those not in the know) as they were growing up. We always had such fun! The train ride around the mountain, our picnic dinner, and the laser show were always my favorites. Several of the kids are really looking forward to some of their new attractions. One called the sky hike has a few interested, while others think the new 4-D movie will be great fun. There is really something for every one to do no matter your age or interests. This will be our first trip with the grand babies (four, as you can see in my profile pic). I am so excited. It is an ordeal trying to get all of us together at one time these days. There are 18 of us now and that takes some serious scheduling. I am so glad it has worked out. (THANKS KIDDOS!) The best part is the kids all seem as excited as I am
.....well ...okay, most of them are almost as excited as I am and that's good enough for me.

I have a few simple projects I am working on to take with us, will try to share those later this week. Also, look for pictures from our family day at the mountain sometime next week.



  1. Jody! I am so glad to see you join the blogosphere! I can not wait to see the pics of all those babies (their moms and dads as well). Watch out, though, because it can become addictive. Some days I don't feel complete until I have blogged! hahaha.

  2. Yea Mom, I am so excited that you are blogging. Your first post was a great start. U guess Matthew is the one you are referring to about not being as excited about Stone Mountain as you?! LOL! I cant wait!
    Love you!

  3. Karen: I am already addicted to reading blogs and have been composing posts in my head for almost a year now, thought it was about time I dove in!

    Kins: Thanks! No.....not Matthew...

  4. i just had a Duh! moment. I came back over here and it just dawned on me that the picture and the title of your post go together.....

  5. I am so excited for you mom!! I know you have been wanting to start this for a while and you will do great at it, you do great at everything you do!! And I am as excited as you, just wish I didnt have to work so we could spend the day!

  6. Thanks p-nut! See ya tomorrow.