Friday, February 5, 2010

A Special Birthday Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend away with my sweetie. We stayed in a cabin in the mountains and it was awesome. Can you say fireplace and hot tub? What a great birthday present. A little extravagant but we don't indulge often.
When a storm came in Saturday, I must admit, I was hoping to get snowed in for an extra day or two. Alas, no such luck. My only consolation was knowing we were having a birthday gathering at the house Sunday afternoon.

This was the view as we were leaving. Completely dry roads, completely iced trees.

The trees were so beautiful.

After we got home and unpacked Justin, Heather, and Alex came by to wish me Happy Birthday.
Justin had to work so they missed the party, but I was so glad I got to see them.

Alex always has fun, he doesn't need a party!

My sister got here first and sent me to my room so she could set up the party. How sweet is that? It was supposed to be a surprise but I have been a mom too long, and it really is hard to get anything past me. After almost thirty years of constant parenting you just know when something is going on, good or bad.
We celebrate birthdays in groups because we have so many birthdays. (The grands get their own, of course.) This one covered mid January to mid February. One name is missing from the cake, DDIL (Dear Daughter in Law) Amy was the first January birthday. Mine was the 30th, then Stephen, Matthew, and last but not least Brodie.
Brodie is having his solo party tomorrow at Chuck E. Cheese. First time for all the grands to visit Chuck E. I can't wait!

Our sweet little Lauryn taste tested the icing and found it delicious. Too cute!

Kyleigh loved her some chips and onion dip.
See those eyes, that's why I call her my little ole livia (Color Purple reference).

Brodie helped his daddy eat his chips and dip.
See any resemblance?

I got some beautiful handmade cards from my sister and the grands.

Last but not least Kinsley (the oldest of the 7) made me this beautiful "Grand Garden".
I can't tell you how much I love this, the pictures are so....perfect. You can really see each of their personalities. Such a cute, sweet idea.

It was a great birthday all around.
Lots of love and thanks for all the planning and effort, that made it so special, go out to my sweetie, my sister, and the kiddos!
Love you all a bushel and a peck,