Monday, June 29, 2009


I have spent the last two days on a frantic search for a missing item. I realized on Tuesday "it" was not where I keep "it". I have torn my house apart looking for "it", combed every inch at least 3 times. I cannot stop compulsively searching for "it". IT IS NOT HERE!!!!!! It can't be, there is not a square inch of my house I have not looked in, seriously. This is driving me crazy. I just don't lose things. Anytime something is missing around here I am ALWAYS the one to find it. This, I can not find.
So, what did I find?
Too many Un Finished Objects, that's what. My craft room/office bore the brunt of the search yesterday. I decided if I was going to go through everything in the room I might as well go through everything. You know, re-organize, restore's not that funny.....okay, it kinda is, maybe.... Anyway, this resulted in a shockingly large pile of U.F.O.s.
I have 2 quilts (one completed top, first, still not quilted even though I have made 3 since that one that are all quilted and gifted...and a beachy fabric trio bought for a quilt for my BFFs grand daughter), fabric cut for a stuffed jelly fish to go with beachy quilt, two dresses that need hems and buttons, a grocery buggy or two full of felt food cut and ready to sew, 5 Christmas tree skirts cut and ready to quilt, two birthday banners (like the one I made for Brodie pictured below) cut and ready to sew, a fabric "Book of Love" waiting to be assembled, and 4 bleach bottles that want to be Santa.


I will not start any more projects until all UFOs are gone!

I will not start anymore projects until all UFOs are gone!

I will try not to start any more projects until all UFOs are gone!

I will not create any more UFOs!

Help me,


Hey, wait, maybe a UFO abducted "it"!

Yeah...that's it! Cause I DON'T lose things. Really! I don't.


  1. I have the same problem--two quilts cut and half swen; 4 aprons cut out ready to sew; two wait books cut and ready to sew; two teddy bears cut and ready to sew. If i had to finish them all before I could start something new, I would never start something new. I understand the UFo phenomenon...

  2. I think your UFO list is unfinished also!!! I didnt see Kyleigh's quilt/patch book on that list!!! Just Kidding!!!

  3. The Fabric "Book of Love" is Kyleigh's patch book, but you're right it is not a complete list. Lauryns quilt and Kyleigh's quilt are not on there, quess I need to add U.F.O. list to my list! It was looking ridiculous already......thanks! lol