Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas craft collaboration

I had so much fun crafting and shopping for the grands this year!
I did a set of felt ornaments from a kit for each of them. Ballerina bears for the girls and a Christmas train for the boys. Very cute but WAY too labor intensive. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started but they were so cute I couldn't put them down.
They each got a few pieces of felt food too, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach when I started and I just did not get finished. Fried eggs, cheese,and bow tie pasta (soooo cute!) will work for a start though.
The favorite, hands down, was Lauryn's present. It was one of those few (for me anyway) things that actually came out better than I imagined, due in no small part to the help from my sweetie. Poppa really kicked it up a notch! I had been waiting, yes and planning, for the day the girls would be big enough for dress up. When I found out that is what Lauryn wanted for Christmas I was so excited!
I started shopping right after Halloween and got some great deals on costumes. I found a fireman, a pirate, a vampire, a witch, a princess, and of course the requisite Disney gals. Got a great deal on some dress up shoes and tiaras after Thanksgiving, throw in a few necklaces and earrings and what little girl would not be thrilled!
But wait......
"how bout a wardrobe packing box to make her a dress up closet?" said MamMaw "I could cut doors to make it a closet."
"I could cover it in fabric if you have a piece" volunteered Poppa. "We could also add a spot for her shoes and a shelf for her jewelry" he said.
"YAY! That's a great idea honey." says MamMaw running for the fabric stash.
Two days, four yards of fabric, a box cutter, antibiotic ointment, band-aids, and three cans of spray adhesive later......
Ta DA!!!!! Lauryn's dress up closet.

And open.....

I can't wait to do one for Kyleigh next year!

I love collaborating with my sweetie,


  1. What a great idea! You and that Poppa did good. I know about that antibiotic oinment, too. While I was making tote bags for my girls for Christmas, I cut myself with a rotary cutter (the first time in 10+ years of using one), stuck myself with a pin, and burned my arm with the iron. It was an ouchie time for sure!

  2. You and Poppa collaberate very well! And I cant wait for Ky's either!!! Her's will have to be in a butterfly box though ;) LOL!